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TOWN OF GREENWOOD NOTICE OF ELECTION FOR 3 COUNCIL SEATS – OPEN 2 YEAR TERM FOR EACH SEAT WHEN: JANUARY 15, 2022 TIME: 1PM – 7PM PLACE: GREENWOOD TOWN HALL, 100 WEST MARKET STREET, GREENWOOD, DE Notice of Solicitation of Candidates for 2022 3 Council Seats Open- 2-year Term for each seat Procedure for declaring candidacy is as follows: Each candidate for Town Councilman shall notify the Town Manager in writing of his candidacy, P.O. Box 216, Greenwood, DE 19950. All notifications of candidacy shall be filed with the Town Manager no later than five o ‘clock in the afternoon, prevailing time, on Friday, December 10, 2021. Such notification of candidacy shall be upon a Candidate Notice Form furnished by the Town of Greenwood, which said statement shall be dated, signed by the candidate and notarized if such form is not completed in the Town Hall offices. Qualifications for members […]

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